A Citizens' Parliament - let's make it happen!

The Sortition Foundation is in the initial phases of planning a Citizens’ Parliament in the UK and is seeking help to bring the concept to fruition.

The Citizens’ Parliament would bring a representative sample of randomly selected people from across the UK together to deliberate on an important topic of national interest, such as how to devolve power and fix our broken democracy, or if the UK should stay in the EU, or how to make immigration work for everyone, or what we should do about climate change. The people will decide and create their own policies to be handed over to the relevant Member of Parliament.

The Sortition Foundation is creating a network of academics, charities, NGOs and relevant businesses to advise and assist in the organisation of this event. If you are interested, please get in touch.

Planet Westminster

Exactly how representative of the UK population is Westminter?

You don't represent me


Not very! These figures show that, as expected, politicians are overwhelmingly old and male, and no doubt far wealthier than most of us. Would this effect the legislation that they pass? We think so.


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Election choice

This Michael Leunig cartoon is great - they do taste different but leave you hungry none the less!