Sortition Foundation Membership

By joining the Sortition Foundation and becoming a member you actively support the work we do.

And not only will you be actively supporting our work, you will also be able to participate in the important strategic decisions of the Sortition Foundation. We are a not-for-profit, member-run organisation.

By selecting monthly membership you'll save money, never have to deal with annual reminders and it gives us security and confidence when planning our future activities and campaigns. If you would prefer to become a free Sortition Foundation supporter, just sign up here.

Alternative payment methods are:

  • Do your own direct transfer into our bank account: Sortition Foundation, Account number: 23296373, Sort code: 23-05-80 (IBAN for international transfers: GB46MYMB23058023296373)
  • Send a cheque made out to Sortition Foundation, 32 Gilbert Close, Cambridge, CB4 3HR.

If you can't afford the membership fee please contact us and we will consider waiving part or all of it.

  • Monthly Sortition Foundation Membership

    £3.00 monthly
  • Sortition Foundation Donation

    £10, £20, any amount one-time
  • Annual Sortition Foundation Membership

    £40.00 one-time


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