What is a G1000? (Cambridge and London events)

The Sortition Foundation is organising two free events (in London and Cambridge): What is a G1000?

Our aim is to hold one G1000 in London and one in Cambridge in late 2016 or early 2017. As such we are organising these two information sessions "What is a G1000?" with the founders of the Dutch G1000, Harm van Dijk and Jerphaas Donner.

A G1000 is a one-day gathering of a representative, randomly selected group of residents who deliberate on what they would like to see happen in their local area. We have been inspired by the Belgian G1000 and the Dutch G1000 and think these impressive events should also happen in the UK.

A truly representative sample of 1000 people gather, deliberate with each other in a respectful environment, and decide together what is best for their communities. It is a way to do democracy differently.

Come along to find out all about a G1000 and how you can help make one happen!

See http://www.g1000.uk/ for more information.

"Inspiring, evidence-based" sortition book to be published

T100 percenthe book The End of Politicians, by Sortition Foundation co-founder Brett Hennig, is now fully funded and will be published before the end of the year by the crowdfunding publisher Unbound. You can still pledge and pre-order the book (and get your name listed in the book as a supporter) here: https://unbound.co.uk/books/the-end-of-politicians


Sortition Foundation membership

The Sortition Foundation is a member-driven organisation and as such is actively seeking members who would like to see sortition become more than just words. By becoming a member today you will be eligible for random selection to the Sortition Foundation strategy and direction events, you will support the G1000 in the UK, and help us do democracy differently.