Replace the House of Lords with a House of Citizens

We need government to be on our side. But right now, with politicians only accountable to their cronies in the Lords, it’s too easy for them to put their party before the people. For this to change, British politics has to change. 

Whoever wins the next election has an opportunity to scrap the House or Lords and replace it with a chamber we could trust, a House of Citizens. Show your support for upgrading our democracy by signing the petition below.

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Petition text:

To the leaders of the next government 

We the undersigned believe Britain needs a fresh start. Politics just isn’t working for people like us. Too often, politicians promise us the earth to get elected, then just don’t deliver. We need a group of people we can trust to hold politicians to account and keep their promises. Instead of a corrupt and outdated House of Lords we need a House of Citizens to help restore our trust in British politics and make us feel proud of our democracy once more.

Text: Who do you trust to do right by you? On the left 8 members of the House of Lords, on the right 8 participants of a Citizens' Assembly

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