Our Clients

How should Scotland change to tackle the climate emergency in an effective and fair way?

In autumn 2020 we selected a representative sample of 100 Scottish residents for Scotland's Climate Assembly which will be held between November 2020 and March 2021.

How should the UK tackle climate change?

In late 2019 we recruited 110 people from all across the country for Climate Assembly UK which has since finished and published its report.

The Future of Primary Health Care

In early 2019 we randomly selected small samples of people for the Scottish Parliament's Committee Engagement Unit to deliberate on issues including future of primary health care, and other events on the environment.

How can we collectively improve air quality in Kingston Borough?

In October 2019 we selected a random sample of people for Kingston Upon Thames to deliberate on air quality and how to improve it.

How can people in Wales shape their future? / Sut y gall pobl Cymru lywio eu dyfodol?

We randomly selected a representative sample of 60 people for a Welsh Citizens' Assembly held in July 2019.

How do we reduce congestion, improve air quality, and provide better public transport in Greater Cambridge?

We randomly selected 60 people for this assembly held in September and October, 2019.

Should assisted dying be permitted in Jersey and, if so, under what circumstances?

We are randomly selecting 23 people for this Citizens' Jury, which will be held in March, April and May 2021.


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