06 March, 2023

Back to (deliberation) school!

Yes, it's time to go back to school!

With the deliberative wave still rising we are seeing more and more "deliberative democracy" schools pop-up, in various formats and locations.

The first school we are aware of was in Eupen, Belgium, and has been happening annually every autumn (except during the pandemic) and last year our co-founder Brett Hennig presented on recruitment. Then last October FIDE held a similar event in Estonia.

In the USA the Bard Institute held a summer school in 2022 and together with Democracy Without Elections, in May 2022, ran a teaching course for the classroom

In 2023, several more have appeared:

What this demonstrates to us is that there is a thirst for knowledge and a strong ethos of sharing skills and resources in the deliberative democracy field that can only bode well for the future transformation of politics that we all wish to see.

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