Starmer, keep your word - Scrap the Lords

Democracy is the foundation of a free and fair society. 

But politics is no longer working for people like us. Accountable only to their cronies in the Lords, it’s too easy for politicians to put their party before the people and leave our country to slide into chaos.

Right now we have an opportunity to banish the House or Lords to where it belongs, the history books. Keir Starmer has pledged to scrap the Lords in the first term of a Labour government. But he’ll only do it if we keep the pressure up! 

We need a second chamber we can trust to hold politicians to account and deliver on their promises to improve our country. 

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Keir Starmer 

Now more than ever, we need government to be on our side. But politics isn’t working for people like us. Too often we’re promised the earth but politicians don’t deliver. We need a modern second chamber we can trust to hold politicians to account and solve the problems we face. Not a scandalous constitutional relic that consistently embarrasses and undermines democracy in our country. 

If Britain is going to change, British politics has to change. Starmer, don’t be like the rest of ‘em, please keep your promise and scrap the House of Lords. Help make a democracy we can be proud of and believe in again.

Sir Keir Starmer in front of the House of Lords Chamber with hundreds of Lords dressed in scarlet robes with white ermine trim. A text box of white text on orange reads: "Sir Keir Starmer, scrap the house of lords"

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