Sortition Foundation Strategy: 2019-2024

How should we do democracy better? How can we institute a sortition democracy? How do we get from here to there?

After a lengthy process of member and supporter consultation, we are proud to publish our (draft) Strategy Document 2019-2024. We expect this to be endorsed by the end of October 2018 - but it is still not too late to make comments and give feedback, although some implementation work has already began.

Sortition Ambassador Programme

As soon as word got out about our new Sortition Ambassador Programme we had volunteers asking to be our first candidates. So, if you want to:

  • learn about sortition - the "why" and the "how" - and learn about successful modern examples;
  • become skilled in advocating sortition assemblies in your local area;
  • be one of the first to¬†graduate as a Sortition Ambassador!

Then simply get in touch. The programme typically involves 1-2 hours of your time every week, and should normally be completed in less than 6 months.

We have a plan on how to get to a sortition democracy - now it's time to implement it!