22 November, 2022

Hello, I'm Lord Cragglebury and I sell wine and yachts...

More on Lord Cragglebury below, but we start with news that the movement to transform politics continues to build as we see the wave of sortition assemblies continue to grow and reach the national level in more places:



So it's sortition assemblies everywhere - even more so at the local and regional level, such as in Spain (in Tolosa, in Gipuzkoa, and in the Balearic Islands), in Switzerland (Zurich), in Hungary (Budapest - and video), Italy (Milan) and too many local assemblies in the Netherlands, Germany, the UK and Australia to mention them all... follow us on Facebook to find out more!


Perhaps the US is even seeing some more sparks of interest:



Meanwhile here at the Sortition Foundation we are:



And soon you should hear this:

"Hello, I'm Lord Cragglebury and I sell wine and yachts..."


Which we think is one of the more memorable lines in our House of Citizens campaign launch video that is coming soon!


Best wishes and we hope you all have a safe and happy festive season.


From all of us at the Sortition Foundation:

Ayesha, Brett, David, Hannah, James, Keith, Nick, Rich, Roz, Sarah, Sonia, Steph and Tom.


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