23 September, 2021

Our Annual Report 2021


We warmly thank those members who attended our Annual General Meeting on Thursday 9th September. The minutes of the AGM are included in our 2021 Annual Report, which includes a summary of our activity for the year.

We were very pleased that, after a year of discussions and a thorough review of our Articles of Association, the proposal to replace them with new articles was unanimously accepted. We came to the belief that the most democratic structure for a not-for-profit company with a social mission was a workers' cooperative, and although the new articles are not exactly the standard articles of a workers' cooperative we borrowed heavily from that model. In fact, the only important difference is that staff pay will be set by a group of unpaid independent directors.

This empowers the staff within the Sortition Foundation - the people delivering our sortition services and running our campaigns to institutionalise sortition - to make the decisions that they think best in an internally democratic manner, which to us seems in line with our values and principles. It promises to be an exciting and challenging year ahead for us all as we take this next step in the history of the Sortition Foundation.

For you, our supporters, we will now focus on developing opportunities for learning more about sortition and engaging in public campaigns, which is what you told us you wanted. Your support helps us to campaign for a real democracy, and if you know others who would like to get involved, please share our supporters' page with them.

Thank you again for your help and continued support!

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