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The Citizens' Assembly of Scotland was a trailblazer for real democracy in Scotland.

It was like a huge public jury, it brought over 100 people together who were selected to mirror the makeup of Scotland in terms of age, ethnicity, disability, age and gender - over half the group were women. For the many of us who feel locked out of the decisions affecting our lives, here was an example of people just like you coming together to make the decisions.

Tasked with creating a vision for the future of Scotland, the citizens' assembly overwhelmingly called for a permanent “House of Citizens” in the Scottish Parliament.

Our laws and policies lay down tracks that determine where we go as a country. A permanent citizens' assembly would bring together people from all walks of life to make sure those tracks get us where we need to be: a better future for everybody. This is already happening in East Belgium which set up a permanent citizens' assembly to work alongside the region’s parliament. 

Put the people of Scotland in power and sign the petition to hardwire Scottish people into Scotland’s parliament now:

Sign the petition now to hardwire everyday people back into our democracy.


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