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...for a House of Citizens in the Scottish Parliament

The pandemic has reminded all of us how we rely on the government to protect us from financial and physical harm. And how the political machine consistently fails to innovate and combat the crises we face - not least the crisis of democracy. It is telling that once again the real solutions are coming from everyday people. The Citizens' Assembly of Scotland has called for a permanent citizens' assembly or House of CItizens in the Scottish Parliament to really hold politicians to account.

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Why "institutionalise" Citizens' Assemblies?

Instead of citizens' assemblies being one-off, ad-hoc events that happen whenever a local council or national or regional government decides to hold one, we believe that governments should be compelled to hold citizens' assemblies about all major political decisions - or indeed, as in our proposal for a House of Citizens in the Scottish Parliament, to create a permanent citizens' assembly with rotating membership. This is one way to institutionalise citizens' assemblies.

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